Episode 26

Pro Insider: Why you might want to wait before upgrading your fleet of work vehicles. 2 18 2021

This has been a wild week across the country with weather. However, with our push for electric vehicles it has exposed an Achilles Heel to recharging that vehicle. In my area and in many others this week there have been massive power outages. At my house we were down for about 5 days. I am one of the lucky ones as I know of plenty of people that might have another week before they get service. If you had decided to run a fleet of electric vehicles you would have probably a day of power and then you would have been shut down. That could be crippling to your business if you can’t send your team out.

I am far from an electric vehicle hater as I would love to be able to produce my own fuel for my personal use and not have to depend on another company. Let’s talk about today where the problems are and what I think needs to be fixed BEFORE you transition over to an electric vehicle fleet.

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